Wednesday, May 12, 2010

a carnival that is NOT in a parking lot

Over the weekend we were invited to the local carnival, a stationary carnival that does not travel from mall parking lot to mall parking lot. 
The kids had quite a time.
 We went there for a birthday party of a sweet little girl in our lives.
We will call her "miss alliteration" for privacy sake. Her first and last name begin with a P and the kids cannot say her name without saying both her first and last name together. 

Because, let's face it, alliteration is just rolls off the tongue.

It was so amazing to watch B and E respond to the rides. Ben loved the quiet rides that took him up high where he could be alone with his thoughts and the silence. He would peek out and study his surroundings....clearly a big fan!

The fast and furious rides.......
not so much a fan.....
(isn't that face PRICELESS?)

Until miss alliteration came up to him with her precious PP voice and her sweet circa 80's Madonna get up and said "B, wanna ride with me?"

AND....just like that.....he became a fan!

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