Monday, May 3, 2010

Dollar Store FUN

Blue Glass Rocks, $1.00/bag of 30ish
Multi-pack stickers numbers and letters (upper and lower) all for $1.00

The future scholars helped me stick one of every letter upper and lower onto the rocks. We used black for the consonants and gold for the vowels. I, then, with the left over rocks made multiple copies of common letters and letters that would spell each of their names. Quickly they reminded me how young they are and how difficult it is for them to sit still. So we got out the magnifying glasses and raced from one side of the room where the rocks resided, to mommy on the other side hollering the word they were to "spell" and bring to me.

This and many other activities with the rocks are GREAT in theory for a 3 and 4 year old. But since then the rocks have just been a fun addition to the different play areas throughout our house. I have found them in the dollhouse, the restroom, under the cushions on the couch, in the kitchen, under my feet....countless times!

They are still getting exposure..right?

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