Saturday, May 29, 2010

could she BE any cuter?

Today we are celebrating Emme's Birthday.
It is the last year we will have a "just family" party.
And probably the last year we have a party on the actual weekend of her bday.
My poor girl was born during a time that too many other celebrations are occuring.
End of the school year, beginning of summer, opening of pools, first weekends at the lake.
I feel a bit like I failed her going into this day, for most invited will not be attending. 
But, as a lovely friend reminded me, her day will be as wonderful as we make it, no matter who is here and who is not here.
Nonetheless, I have one child who has a birthday in the middle of February when everyone is dying to get out of their routine and go to a "party"
and one who is coming into her new year while everyone else gets the hell out of dodge!


Is she not the cutest THREE year old EVER????

It is going to be a GREAT day!!!!!


This Heavenly Life said...

That first picture of her is stunning! Her eyes are just jumping out at me, and what lovely eyes they are :)

Happy Birthday, E!

M.O.T.B said...

Happy Third Bday Pretty Girl, LOVE the photos and the tutu!