Thursday, May 6, 2010

FrOsTy FUN!!!

On Saturday Dad-O and I split the kids up. We do this often to give them each one on one time with both their Mommy and Dad-O. B went to Wildcat and explored a new trail with Dad-O and E and I went shopping for a new dress (this is what "adventure" she asked for) in the am. After nap it was my turn to take B and Dad-O took E. B and I went and got a 1 dollar junior frosty and headed for the park, and Dad-O and E went to Shakes and spent 8 dollars for the same experience. Junior frostys are a great little treat to have in your back pocket, yummy and cheap. Funny enough, we all ended up at the same park for the afternoon. Ben was so anxious to play he left his frosty on the table, ran and played for 10 minutes or so, and would come back really quickly and grab a few bites. It was so cute to witness. Love that boy!

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