Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Play Dates

We had play dates 4 of the 5 days last week. I am just as guilty as any other Mommy with having that worry that I am putting out another Mom that offers to watch my kids. I hesitate to say yes because I don't want to mess with their schedule, or make the Mommy have more work. I have discovered that, aside from the pantry raids, having other little souls in the house is a nice change of pace. I need to remember this next time I am offered a break from another sweet mommy, and I need to keep offering breaks to my mommy friends too.

Having other kids in our home
having a chance to watch my son learn how to put his tracks together in a whole new way from an older "new friend"
watching my daughter parallel play with a sweet girly-girl that is more that happy to teach her the ropes on "ALL things feminine"
getting to witness pure joy on my friend's daughter's face in happy anticipation
Laughing with a great friend about our children being really angry with these pictures 10 years from now (and hoping that we are all still great friends and can hold these pics over there heads laughing in a decade)

Dear friends, let us continue to share our sweet babes with each other!

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