Monday, October 17, 2011

A few last hurrahs

It has been a while, I know
Balancing work life and home life while trying to do both better that average
has proven to be quite difficult for me.
I have been thinking back a lot lately
to the time when I started this blog. 
And I reminded that the MAIN reason I started to record our life
was to have it to look back on this blog when I get the time to scrapbook, or even better,  to print the blog as a scrapbook.
But....for my kids, for myself, and my husband.
I loved the thought of others reading the blog
and still do!
But I do not want it to be about that so much that I have to edit each picture,
or be grammatically correct or moving with each entry
So, with that said,
a few pictures and words about the last few hurrahs
as a non-working mother
before work truly began

Papa took "the boys" canoeing
Ben and Dad-O loved it
and we both agreed that it is something we hope to do more often

We went to the lake with our good friends, A and B.
And, at first, I did not want to because I felt so overwhelmed at the thought of going with work around the weekend. And, with many of the reasons I call her my friend, Mommy M gave me a piece of her mind about why we should go and enjoy ourselves. And WOW was she right, it was so nice to get away, and be with people we love, and who love us right back. And I find myself thinking back to the serenity of that weekend when I am overwhelmed with what our life looks like now.

And MiMi took us all to KC to shop for uniforms for E and some school clothes for B, and we had a great time in the hotel with their first waterslide. We ate at a dinosaur cafe complete with volcano dessert, and I was reminded why I should never be sad to not be invited on a shopping trip, because I stink at shopping! (thanks Cindy)

Just a few memories.....
More to come

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