Sunday, October 30, 2011

the circus

Not many people know this about me,
but I bet most people could guess.
I HATE the circus.
It totally freaks me out.
I did not want to go
and I especially did not want to put my kids on an elephant or a camel 
or any other wild and stinky animal.
But it made for some good pictures.
Seriously.....could this camel be any more of a poser?
So for the kids sake, I powered through, and tried to see to it that it was not 
obvious how uncomfortable I was.
And the kids loved every minute of it, 
they have talked about it for days now.
Afterall, we were not going to tell these guys no!
Thanks Uncle Jet and Uncle Charlie! 
The kids had a blast at the circus, and it was so cool to watch them enjoy it with you both!

but next time....I think I will take your word for it!

1 comment:

M.O.T.B said...

It doesn't freak me out but I don't love it. The things we do...