Saturday, November 26, 2011

Our Autumn

As we continue to adjust to our new life
I find myself being very protective of our time.
When you go from every day all day to three or four awake hours a day with your family
perspective shifts

We spent much of our time off of "life"

living life to our fullest
This fall we have done just that

We picked out pumpkins

Drew up our intended outcome

removed the seeds (one-handed of course)

and full body attack (of course)

We carved them up, taking in the fall view of our new little cottage home

posed in front of colorful mums

and in our side yard.

Dad-O went to B's first school halloween party
and MiMi went to E's
and I worked

And the only person who struggled with that was me, 
but I am letting go a little bit at a time, 
and so very thankful that someone was there for them both,
 even if it was not me. (really I AM)

We trick-or-treated only some of whom we wanted, 
because after a school day, there just simply is not enough time 
to go everywhere we want to go

And we smiled a bit more for the camera.....

more than that
the camera stayed hung on it's hook a little more than usual
and we made some memories that will have no snapshots attached to them
we made the most of life