Thursday, October 27, 2011

maple leaf

Dad-o had a previous obligation and we were on our own this year at Maple Leaf.
Aunt K was kind enough to invite us to share the festivities with her family
so we hung with K and her littles,
ate her aunt's amazing confections,
and cheered on the bands.

We boogied to the catchy tunes to keep warm.

and snuggled under the blanket in the lulls of the parade

and after a few hours of napping (mom included) we headed to the park with our kc friends c and c.
Dad-O arrived back home just in time for a few drinks and a feast on the front porch with more friends.
A most low-key Maple Leaf in comparison to many before, 
but the stories of Maple Leaf past still come to play...every year.
And this year I was ok not to one-up those stories!

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