Sunday, September 25, 2011

Soccer Season

Thursday night was the first game of the season for BOTH the littles.
I got a window into our world in the years to come when they are both in extracurricular activities.
Luckily, they played on back to back fields so we got to experience them both having many firsts.
Check Ben out in celebration {maybe drama club is in our future?}

But, let't be honest, we could be sitting in the audience of many theatrical performances from either kidlet......
This year is Ben's second round, and he has improved so much since last year, look at that form!
He still looks at time on the field as 'social hour' but we are working on that.....
Emme was a hoot to watch, 
lots of standing around by her,
 and directing from Poppy and Dad-O
{love how they are steering her here}
and, of course, soccer games at this age are all about the snacks.......

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