Thursday, April 14, 2011

To Know HIM......

This has been a hard week. 
The world lost an amazing man and heaven gained an angel.
The "silver fox"in the back of this picture
 lost his life on Monday.
All too soon he left this world.
He was 57.
He was a patriarch.
He was my best friend's dad.
Richard was a man who gave truth to the statement 
"to know him is to love him"
And really, his family gives truth to that statement.
I loved her dad and love her mom.
I am so thankful to know them all and to have known him.
He and Carrie were a set of parents that I hope to be like, had a love that I pray I know, and have a daughter that I am more thankful for than words could ever express.
He had little to say when I was around, often quiet and taking it in I imagine. But, when he spoke, I listened, because I knew what left his lips would be wise, and it always was.

I am sure while he was here that he knew 
without a doubt that he had the
chance to know REAL LOVE, being married to his high school sweetheart, driving home to her to have lunch everyday, sharing so much of his life with his biggest fan.
And I am certain while he was here, he knew he had raised two amazing children who
made incredible choices in their mates and had begun to carry on the tradition of family in their own lives.

So what I pray for today is that he is up there looking to them all and has some sense of comfort seeing them all together. I have had time with them all these past few days, sitting on the edge of their world...looking in. 
And Richard is still here, ever-present in all they are doing.
He has left a legacy, one that began the moment he left this earth.
They are still a family, leaning on each other, loving each other, 
and doing everything to lift him up. They will be alright. They will, of course, never be the same.
But, he will always be with them.
And many more,through knowing his amazing family, will know him.
And love him.

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