Tuesday, April 26, 2011


We did not plan so well for dyeing eggs this Easter. 
The sun came out briefly on Good Friday so we quick ran outside.
B still in his pj shirt and Dad-O still in his white undershirt 
{yes, that is exactly why he is not pictured.......I promised}
The kids barley made it down the front stairs and declared
"lets do it here!"
so we obliged

The sun was out in full force
so their sweet eyes disappeared as they smiled.
But it would not be real life if I only posted the perfect pics, now would it?

We dyed 12 eggs, 6 for each kid
But our mad scientists were not done once the eggs were gleaming with color
The combining of liquids began
They filled and re-filled the egg shaped cups with every combination of colored fluid.
It was a wonderful, sunny, fun-filled, 10 minutes on Good Friday!

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