Friday, April 15, 2011

Night Night.....

I took this picture about this time last spring. 
It was right about the time we were springing into the time change and it was still light in Em's room when we put her to bed. I loved the way the light came through the pink curtains and softened her already buttery soft skin. It is not the most crisp photograph, but it moves me.
She moves me.
Our evenings these day consist of Dad-O and I trading the baton in the hallway, and saying our own little goodnight to each of the kids individually. I sing the dream song to Ben to insure no bad dreams get into his room, and to both of them I sing a song of their choice. These days they like Bicycle Built for Two, which they call "Daisy" and Eugene Field's Wynken Blynken and Nod. Ben often chooses a Christmas song, displaying his ever-loving need for all things Saint Nick and Winter in general.

Dad-O's goodnight is a story and a prayer. The story, which started years ago, includes King Benjamin and Princess Emme and characters like Larry the Llama and Kyle the Kite Maker, in which they go to islands made of ice cream and such. Dad-O is an amazing story teller. 

Lately the cherubs have started praying on their own instead of following Dad-O's lead. Sam often comes out and shares little bits of what they say in their prayer. Which leads me to why I post this particular picture and story.

This picture is one that will stay glued in my mind as what my baby girl looked like when I put her to bed.

This quote will be one I remember about some of her first prayers she prayed on her own.

"God, thank you for
if your heart breaks it is alright...
if you love everyone in your class it is alright.
If you get captured....
you need your Mommy."

Emme 3 years 11 months

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Amelia said...

How absolutely precious!!! What a wise girl Emme is!! Hope your chin is up today!! Need to get together and bake soon!!