Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Show me a SMILE

We went to the Dentist on Tuesday. It was our first cleaning with both the kids. {gulp}
I know, I thought I had it together too? But we put this one off for way too long!!!!

No excuses.....
it was just a little 
to take on for a while there...

So, we finally did it!

Mommy went first, hoping to decrease any anxiety by letting them see that I wasn't crying.

I decided B would go next, just in case we had some trouble, 
and the boy was a champ leading up to getting in the chair
we had discussed the visit for a few days leading up, 
and he walked tall as we entered, 
was even excited to put on the cool shades to protect him from
"Mr. Sunshine"
and then
the chair went back.....
all bets were off
the boy freaked out!!
And it was clear that he had lost it, and was not getting it back
at least not for a while...

So, on to PUNKY 
I told B we could take a break but that he would have to try again after E
he agreed....
and, of course
Guess who bounced into the seat with smiles abound
mouth wide open
shades on
and willing to hold "Mr. Thirsty" with no hesitation

B was more willing the second time around
especially with cookie dough toothpaste
{seriously? my back teeth are sweating...}

Whatever it takes!
HE did it, and licked his lips frantically after every tooth was "tickled" and "counted"
I guess it tasted good?

What a sight to see though
both my brave little souls
growing up
facing a fear
and conquering it
I am one proud momma!

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