Sunday, October 11, 2009


This year we went on-line and we found a build your own pumpkin stencil to determine what the kids wanted Jack to look like. Shocking as it seems, they actually wanted the same face. Triangles for eyes and nose and a "scary, happy" mouth.
We were sure to print out the stencil so both little goblins could show Dad-O what Jack was to look like. As you can see, E also wanted to act out what Jack should look like.
B was brave enough to dig right into Jack and scoop out the pumpkin mush and seeds. Soon after this picture, he opted for the spoon. (imagine that!) We were proud of him though, for his sister would not even touch the "pumpkin hair" protesting "I don't need to" when asked to just try to touch the pumpkin.
And as it happens time and again, the Dad-O was patient and perfect in his endeavor to create just the right jack-o-lantern for our sweet onlookers.

They are ALL very proud of the masterpiece named "Jack"
Next up........Sweet and Spicy pumpkin seeds!!!!

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