Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dear Santa,

Last Night the "Big Book of Toys" from Toys R Us came in the mail. It claimed to have great deals for the parents, bragging of all the savings. {really?}
The elves had a ball looking through it and declaring " I want......" with every turn of the page. An hour later we would have a great (and expensive) Christmas list to hang on the fridge. It's October, but hey, Christmas is 60 days away.

B's list includes a hot wheel track, ball roller coaster, drum set, nerf gun, and airport
E's list is a vanity, strawberry shortcake cafe, little mermaid, magnetic paper dolls,an escalade and 'stuff for her doll babies'
And for the record, "Santa" has done pretty good so far, having already purchased a few things on the list.

By the way......
we will let E down gently on the 400 dollar Escalade.

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M.O.T.B said...

What a great idea with the lists!!!!! We will have to do that. Yes, we got the same catalog and at first Aidan was very selective then all of a sudden...this, this, this, this. I think we will make lists like you guys did though!!! I love it. Very cute and original!