Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Swim Lessons

The littles had a two week boot camp o' swimming lessons
given by one of my closest friends
She is amazing, and I would say that even if I only knew her from her teacher reputation.
This summer was a changing summer for us all in reference to the concrete hole full of chlorinated water.
Ben started the summer sitting on the side of the pool stating in his planner attitude
"I'd rather not swim today"
He got it in his craw that he would not be swimming until he had his first lesson with Miss A
Luckily for me, teach is a good friend, so we scheduled a water intervention 8pm
....the night before she went to Mexico for a week
....while she had another family living with her after the tornado
'cause she is awesome like that.
And in less than 30 minutes
after telling me "not to get my hopes up"
the boy grew fins
as I knew he would , in her hands
'cause she is awesome like that
And the munchkin started and finished the summer like a champ
jumped in like she's been doing it her whole life
you'd think homegirl swam out of the womb...
She definitely gets it from her father.
It has been a great summer of swimming, and the fun is not over....
and to those of you wondering if you will ever get a break with your smalls swimming,
I actually sat by the pool and watched from the shade several visits to the pool....
Never thought that would happen after last summer with two wet and slippery bodies hanging off me every time we were in the water.
But I let those wet and slipperies hang off me still....
'cause I'm awesome like that.

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Catherine said...

Yes, you are! :)