Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dad-O Birthday

It was a month ago today.
But what a month it has been.
This blog is to document our lives, so I want to continue to do that.
Even it if it does not happen on a daily basis, 
even if it isn't always a clear picture of what is happening right now.
Even if it means writing about it a month later.
They each took 5 dollars to the dollar store to choose gifts for him
they were so proud of their choices
and my commitment was that I would not sway their decision in any way.

Emme:  popcorn bowl for movie night
shelf liner (?)
a card with a cupcake on it
mustard for sandwich night
can't remember #5, but that is real life

Ben: a dad-o pop coozie
a grill brush
a new glass for his water
a hat to wear while mowing the lawn
a happy face ballon

Dad-O was so fun to watch open the gifts, making a great deal out of each one, producing proud smiles from each little. What a great man!
Happy birthday love

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M.O.T.B said...

I love that hat! Hysterical!!!!