Friday, August 19, 2011


Up until the night before Open House, 
we had B signed up for K in two different schools.
It is a long story about the WHYS of it all
and we went back and forth weighing the variables
fixating on the little and big
and then.....
a decision was made
and it was made for the good of our son, 
and our family.
We chose the BEST teacher. 

The one who will love him for more awake hours than we will have a chance to.
The one who babysat the Dad-O when he was little,
and made play-doh that could be eaten.
The one who sent us 5 pictures (these) the first day of school to help calm any nerves we may have.

And I could not be happier with the decision

So, we may not have sent him to the school that seemed the obvious choice
(location and tradition)
but, we chose the best place for our boy
and I already know, 
after just two days,
without a doubt,
we made the right decision.

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