Thursday, July 22, 2010

looking back.....

Coming home is always nice, 
especially when your mother in law allows for you to come home with clean laundry
and your parents take care of the house and stock the fridge for your arrival
{wow are we lucky! Thank you guys!!!}
But we came home to a whirlwind
and things have not slowed down.

So, today I forced myself to look back and record a few things about the beach.
This blog works in many ways to jog my memory for scrap booking
and just when you think you will always remember something, you won't
So a few things about the beach I want to remember.
My view from the 18 hours in the car

Pipe cleaners and laptops (zip-up lap bean bags that have white board and magnet boards and room for stuff inside) serving as entertainment for the kids.
I was so proud of my babes. Ben threw up the first day of the trip and was such a trooper through it all. It was a rough start! (I had a horrible UTI and had to call a gracious friend to call me a prescription for meds an hour away the second day) 

 MiMi had lots of great stuff for the kids to play with...she thinks of everything! They loved making stuff out of the pipe cleaners, playing with magnets and decorating their special beach cups on the way there. The first "Are we there yet?" came when we were literally 30 minutes from our destination....pretty amazing for an 18 hour drive and two over night stays in hotels.

I had the pleasure of seeing a triple rainbow while I was driving back to our beach house by myself, what an amazing site! 

The precious local ice cream shop with the best ice cream EVER....

Having ice cream EVERY night and most days too! The kids were in heaven, and I found myself wondering if the three sets of stairs in the beach house would work off the abundant amount of cream and sugar! I think.....probably not!

Sweet Ben discovering root beer, and "santa claus root beer" at that. When he wanted root beer he asked for a root beer float every time, even though that meant just plain old root beer to him. Adding ice cream was not his idea of making it better.

Locating ourselves 20 minutes from Tyndall Airforce Base AND right on the line where central and standard time zone meet. Getting to see countless jets in the air and laughing about what time it was the entire stay will be a memory for sure. Mimi's phone could figure out where we were, when we were or what the weather was most of the time.

And the weather was amazing, except for the last day, but it did not slow anyone down. Swimming in the rain and hanging out on the awesome fish chairs was a highlight as well. This was our own beach house salt water pool:)

So many other amazing memories..........

more to come....

but for now, back to the chaos

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David and Whitney Scott said...

Moose Tracks look good. Never had 'em, but I'm game (get it? Game. Moose. Tracks.)

Anyway, great job on the little boys session. Score one for 8 eyes looking at the camera!