Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Today I got to do something I don't get to do very often
as the sun started falling from directly above our heads and heading west
and the wind went out of the sprite's sails
 the Mimi and Papa took a little siesta as well
Dad-O went for a swim in the pool 

and I went to the beach.....alone
just me and my thoughts
{and my red suit with white polka dots}
for a mom of two toddlers with little independence just yet
this does not happen....ever

so I sat on the edge of the water and let the waves lap up my feet
scooped up sand in my hands
and formed balls
beach balls
40 of them {B added one when he arrived}

so many things running through my head

and I was only able to catch a few
40 of them to be precise

so I scooped them up, and I pressed each thought into a nice little ball
smoothed them over and studied them,
worried about them, fought the shrinking feeling in the back of my throat over them, wiped a few tears over them as well

but I smiled at them all in the end.....

when my precious little cherubs
left footprints behind them in the sand
 as they headed toward my 40 thoughts 
picked them up in their pudgy little hands
one by one
and tossed them into the sea

putting all 40 of those thoughts that had me reeling 

in perspective

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