Monday, April 26, 2010

Poppy Night

An interesting weekend of expected and unexpected busy brought on an overnight stay at Nonni and Poppy's house for the kids.

But this Saturday night Nonni was away so Poppy stayed to play. The evening was complete with the ice cream man before dinner, a few shows on television, sleeping in our day clothes and poppy cakes for breakfast. I am sure many other secrets between the three of them as well!

So proud! Poppy let them order on their own!

(I do not get the fascination with sponge bob, as far as I know, they have never even seen the show)

Clearly the kids had an amazing time, sleeping from 1 to almost 430 on Sunday, Mommy and Dad-O got a needed beak,  and the kids got another glimpse into why we love the Poppy so much!

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Aunt Shannon said...

Way to go Poppi! I hope Mom and Dado had a great evening!