Monday, April 19, 2010

A Nut in a Rut

A fun little game that B and I play during our night time routine is having a discussion on what is on the inside of a coconut. The more strange a suggestion from me, the bigger the laugh from Ben. Some of Mommy's guesses include, coke and nuts (of course) popcorn, orange juice, little fairies that come out to play when opened. peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, new shoes, etc. 

As all parents can relate to, the laughter from B changes a bit after a while and the broken laugh begins to sound like a slight build up to a cry. This is when the game ends, and B comes full circle to "coconut milk is inside a coconut MOMMY!"

So this weekend, B and E got to see EXACTLY what is inside a coconut, and taste it for themselves.

This is the expression I got right before they spit it out! Just kidding, the only one who spit it out was Mommy! I do not think we will be ripping into another one to drink with dinner anytime soon, but it was a fun experiment. 

I wonder what the night time discussion will sound like now?

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