Friday, April 9, 2010

Next stop on the Easter Train

We always have new experiences when we visit Mickey and DeeDee. Easter afternoon was no exception. My Dad got out the mower and let the kids "drive" it around with him, blades up and smiles on. I am not sure who had more fun, but just check out the sweet smile B is flashing back at Mickey. Sometimes body language says it all. Love it!

E went picking flowers for Mommy in the field behind the house, what you do not see pictured is her running toward me with her bouquet in hand and proud as can be. I put the camera down to experience that one full stop.

A little soccer out back, and a walk to the barn to collect a few forgotten walnuts. Oh, how I love having land to visit!

And, leave it to SILLY DeeDee to give my son his first grill replacement in his Easter basket!!! 

Complete with gold flavor flav teeth............

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