Thursday, November 12, 2009

We do not know the true value of our moments until they have undergone the test of memory. Georges Duhamel

The other day this little baby marched right in the door and said, "Hey Allison, Where's Sam?"
Clear as day, owning yet another room.
It's times like this that I am so very glad that I am documenting their growth on this blog and in other traditions, for I am becoming more and more aware of the impossibility that is remembering them as vividly as I wish I could when they were this small. So each year on her birthday when we wrap this dress around her soft skin,
And see how very quickly she is growing into the dress I wore to one of our wedding showers.....
How each year the "baby" will leave her face and her sweet little body
I will be reminded that the more I write now and the more pictures I take now, the more I will remember, and have to share with their children someday.

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Amelia said...

Yep...this one made me cry a bit. It completely illustrates the swift space of time between new...and growing up. Such a sweet idea. And she is SO beautiful like her mama.