Tuesday, November 24, 2009

OZ according to BE

We were at Nonni's the other night and she was flipping through channels trying to find a football game for the Dad-O to see the score. We came across "The Wizard of OZ" and having just seen "Wicked" Dad-O and I asked Nonni to stop the TV there for a minute. It was near the beginning right when the good witch appears in the bubble in Munchkin land.

This is NOT a show I would ever have considered letting my 2 and 3 year old watch, but I knew the part they were watching was no big deal, munchkins and music, and a little bit of harmless good vs. evil. I had NO idea that the kids would love it so much! The discussion on the way home had both Dad-O and I laughing until we cried.

I had to ask B and E the next morning to recreate the discussion from the night before, it was still too cute, but not quite the same as the first conversation. B asked at one point "where the sister's head went?", and told me "someone would have to lift that big house up and find her!"

I feel like I am living life all over again through their eyes, and it is more fun than I had ever imagined!

I think we may have to try a bit of Mary Poppins next???????

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Aunt Shannon said...

Oh my goodness sister!!!!!!!! Thanks for starting my day off so special!!!!!!!!