Monday, November 23, 2009

Looking Up

I realize when I look back on the blog that I tend to retreat a bit when I am thrown a curve ball in life. No details, because right now I choose for this blog to be about the kids for the most part, not me. I will say, however, that my family is amazing (and I reference the ones outside of my home) when it comes to reminding me of my blessings and helping me through.

Things are looking up.....................

And yesterday, so were the kids..........

at Dad-O!
Working away on our Christmas lights to "make sure Santa sees our house" (says B).

I am so impressed by the kids in so many ways. But one of the things about both my kids that is worth mentioning is their amazing ability to find joy in such small things. Watching Dad-O climb on the roof was fun, but then they found the box of light clips and "jingle ties" (says E) and had a blast. They remind me ALL the time that there is fun to be had, joy to be found, music to dance and sing to, and LIFE to LIVE.........everyday!

This Christmas is going to the beginning of a whole new chapter of Christmas'. I am so excited to see the way the kids are responding to all things merry and bright this year. I can't wait to see what they come up with each new day.

I will keep you "posted"