Friday, July 10, 2009

Through Another's Eyes

This morning was spent on a hike with Dad-o at Wildcat.
This day was spent with Aunt Morgyn and Mr. Michael.
An intro to Chic fil-a and Fox Farm Whole Foods, and an
afternoon of chatting about life and such and getting to know her again...
Last night we popped over to see them at Nonni and Poppy's house.
These pics are my sweet little cherubs through her lens.
Thanks Morgyn! It was lovely to meet you Michael. And the pics are great!
I am glad I got a window into your world today.


~Sandy~ said...


Anonymous said...

We had a blast seeing you guys! Michael says B and & E are the CUTEST kids EVER! I agree, but I'm a bit biased. :P

Glad you like the photos, but seriously, can you take a bad photo of B or E? NOPE!

Love you!

Sam Rogers said...

Beautiful children, beautiful wife, beautiful feeling to have such a blessed life!