Monday, July 6, 2009

The Re-Set Button


Dad-o's Birthday started with a 5am wake up call of mason's pounding the steel concrete mixer RIGHT next door, a toilet overflowing in the adult bathroom, a 70 dollar bill from the plumber who was here for 15 minutes, a very large (no lie) spider in my laundry basket that was not at all afraid to show his little face as I transfered the laundry from basket to basin, and me wondering if we could please push the re-set button.........

Someone listened.......

AND this is the way it ended
Dinner of Flank Steak, mashers, and bell peppers (even one from our garden)
Two Tiny Tots singing the sweetest version of Happy Birthday EVER!
Eating our English Trifle's together.... after making them together (Dad-o's request)


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