Sunday, February 19, 2012

Simple Birthday

I am proud of my kids....
They say and do things on a daily basis.....
that make my heart feel like it could truly burst right open with pride

One thing that both my little have in common
is their ability to treasure the simple things life has to offer.
...Case in point...
Benjamin was given carte blanche for the evening of his birthday.
And he wanted to go to Target and eat a lunch able, and get a cake pop for dessert.
so that is what we did.
Simple....yet perfect in so many ways

We continued with our yearly traditions of the donut cake, and although he was told he could have six donuts from his donut cake, he just ate two, and was happy as Larry about it. 

He woke to a room full of blue and green balloons, which I truly felt could have been all we did for the morning and he would have been pleased.

Emme could not wait to give him the gift she picked out, and he opened it so quickly and hugged it out with Em so fast that this is the only shot I could get (a bit blurry, but full of heart)

We look through his baby book every year, and what a tear jerker that is becoming. The questions he asks each year, and the farther he gets from the babe in those images is just too much for this mommy. 

Benjamin, you continue to amaze me
happy birthday

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