Monday, February 20, 2012

bouncing boys birthday

He wanted batman invitations
we couldn't find anything he liked
so we made them
and I let go and let him make them the way he saw fit
because it is his birthday!
Last year we went to house of bounce for his fifth bday.
This year he wanted to go to Macaroo gym. 
And as much as I really did not care for doing the same (ish) thing two years in a row.
It is what HE wanted, and after all, it is his birthday.

He had a great little group of friends show up. 
He is very blessed.
So many people that love him.

They all bounced for a bit, popped in the birthday room for a drink, cupcakes and gifts.
And in the chaos of it all, my sweet boy got up from his chair at the cupcake table and rather than go to the tall bar stool they beckoned him to for gift opening, he sought out his little sister and whispered to her "hey emme, you want to be my helper?"And they opened his gifts together.
What a moment to witness. I am so proud of my boy, and all that he is.

 My sweet six year old son. 

Thank you to 
Will and Austin
Allie and Brody
Aiden and Abby
Chase and Carter
Mimi and Papa
Nonni and Poppy
for coming to witness all the bouncing 
and for letting Benjamin feel as special as he is

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