Sunday, February 6, 2011


This week was a crazy week of snow and cold. We had a really great time. Many friends and family members asked me if I was going stir crazy or had cabin fever etc. etc. For us, it was a time for family and getting back to the heart of play. Not to say we did not have our moments of "will you stop touching me?"and "if you whine one more time!!" But for the most part, I really loved taking the day slowly and knowing everyone else in our neck of the woods was being forced to do the same. 

It was so cold, in fact, we had a little visitor come down our chimney and decide he wanted to stay for a spell. What is it with me and wildlife, I am not sure? Papa came to the rescue and kept Emme and I from having an even bigger meltdown (I always try to stay calm in front of my children ascribing to the theory that they will react they way they see you react...this time I FAILED.....MISERABLY!) and I only found four piles of yuck to clean up when Mr. Bird left.
Thanks for saving us Papa!

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