Sunday, December 19, 2010

A little Rockwell

Last year we visited the window displays downtown
and this year it was one of the handful of things I was sad to think we would miss
{living in another city}
but we are here and we had a chance to go back in time for the evening
It is a quick visit with the combination of cold and attention spans
but well worth it
We made an evening out of it and went to Red Onion with the Grandparents
we ordered hot chocolate at the end of the meal 
so our tummies and our bodies would stay warm for the adventure
This is the first picture I snapped while I was fussing with the question of "flash or no flash?"
but I had to share the priceless look on Emme's face:)
Ben could have watched the train until his face stayed numb with a smile
and the cold could not have taken me from this moment
in a little Rockwell painting
for a spot of time....

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