Monday, December 6, 2010

In which we come FULL CIRCLE...............

10 weeks in STL
and we have found ourselves back in Southwest MO
In many ways I felt like we could have been so very happy there
so much to offer in experiences and education to our kids
but there were other plans for us.

In a very unexpected turn of events, we have landed right back where we started
and it is good.
It would take days to explain how our journey has brought us to this point, 
but we are here now
and that is what matters
maybe I will write more about it someday
but for now, it is time for advent, and I am determined to give my kids a Christmas
they will remember....
So today I will look back for a moment, 
for today I will look back
for the sake of recording it on the blog
but tomorrow
I start again.................

I look around at so much that is familiar
and I feel a contentment and peace that has not been there for quite some time
there are still many unknowns
and some fear at what is to come

but for now we are here
in the same home we brought both our babies home to
and planted trees in the yard
to commemorate their births
The cozy home where we built a fire and watched our toddling boy experience his first snowfall
Where I walked in a perfectly pink room to find my baby girl standing at her crib
for the first time
marking it with her own set of teeth marks, 
not to be upstaged by her big brother
Where he got his first big boy bed
and refused to get out of it
(we were so lucky)
The place where
if you look hard enough at the wood floors
you may just see an indention from our four bodies 
romping and reading there
Where he took his first steps...........
Where we had our first Christmases
as a family of three
......and four
Where we topped our tree
what feels like so many yesterdays ago

and where we topped it again



This Heavenly Life said...

We're glad you're home :)

Aunt Shannon said...

It sounds like you are happy hon. I am super glad that I will get to come and visit you all more often. I love you all sooooo much. Could you send me your address please, I don't remember it!

M.O.T.B said...

Yeah! Love this post and I always LOVED that house! It is just plain gorgeous and no wonder you feel content, that is home for you and for your babies~!

Amelia said...

I LOVE this post. I have missed your blogging. I have checked back everyday...this was worth the wait. Praying for you, friend. Remember: "Wherever you go, there you are." :)

Brooke said...

Welcome home and welcome back - LOVE this post...your way with words is amazing. The pictures from then and now are wonderful.