Tuesday, September 7, 2010

a little look back..........

The last Sunday before the chaos of the move really started, we took an evening to hang out with our friends, the Scott Family. A visit to the Drive In was on our summer list, but I quickly decided that it would be one the kids may have to wait till next year to try out. Momma Scott talked me into giving it a try and I am so glad we did! The kids had a great time with their "twins" Ben and Emma and we got to watch Toy Story 3 and Despicable Me. What a wonderful evening to see off great friends. The Route 66 Drive In includes the old commercials during intermission {which I adore} and we had to have a bit of popcorn and yummies while we watched. The kids made it all the way to midnight, AND stayed awake for the entire drive home. Such a perfect last checkmark of the summer! Thanks Scott Family!!!

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