Friday, May 25, 2012

Easter Traditions

A little late in posting, but we kept up with Easter Traditions by painting our yearly wooden egg. I take the kids out and we get a 99 cent wooden egg and they get to pick three paint colors to create their easter egg for the year. This is our third year to do it, and we are starting to compile a nice little set of eggs for a basket decoration on the coffee table.

I love to see their individuality come out in their paint choice and final creation.

We dyed eggs this year using an idea we got from interest. kool-aid. 

My conclusion....the smell of vinegar and watching those little tablets disappear is just too cool to give up as a memory for my cherubs. I like taking any chance I can to link my childhood to theirs, with tradition and memories. So, next year, and for years to come, the PAAS vinegar it will be.

It was a great lead up to Easter this year, indeed.

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