Tuesday, May 24, 2011


This is the sanctuary my family worshipped in on Sunday morning
Where my son graduated from pre-school last Thursday evening
Where my kids stood on stage for Christmas programs
This is the place that has helped our kids to attend school 
during this unsettling last six months our lives.
Our church home
My sweet babies' school
a place where we seek solace on Sunday morning
a place that welcomed us with open arms when we moved back
where we saw so many smiling faces pass us by in the halls

Now the halls are open air
church family is unaccounted for
My son wants to know where "C" is who he knows lives three houses from the school where, as far as we know, is leveled

Last night, as we watched Strawberry Shortcake and 
played with Em's new birthday toys in the basement
We had no idea that the world outside our window was forever changing
This will be the "where were you?" moment for the rest of my life as well and my children's lives.

But lives we have to continue, stories we have to tell.
Not all are so blessed.
We already know a few that left this life yesterday
and many who lost everything

And tonight I feel so helpless
so small
but I am reminded 
that even though I feel small
as long as I am doing something, even if it is small
all can get through this.

I am reminded of this by my "smalls"
Wanting to donate his favorite legos to a friend's son
asking "Is one set enough?" concerned for him to only have one toy.

And my girl asking if he has sisters that need toys, offering a basket of toys {including a few from her birthday party yesterday}
And my sweet boy with the biggest heart showing Dad-o that he knows how to help rebuild, illustrating by ripping up a package from a toy and taping it back together.

So we will follow our small's lead
and we will do small things for all we can.

We are praying for all tonight
God be with you and yours.

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M.O.T.B said...

I have been wondering about SP since we do Kindermusik there. How awful!