Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter's Past

I have been trying to think of some creative ways to get the kids excited about Easter and start traditions for our family to celebrate as well. I have a difficult time being creative for the Easter holiday, so I started looking back on past photographs of the kids to get some inspiration. These pics stood out to me for "mommy" reasons. The one of B above reminds me of how sweet and chubby my tall and lanky little man used to be, and the one underneath is literally the first time I snapped a photo of Ben standing unassisted.

This next photo was a first time dying eggs for both the kids, for B was too small the year prior and E was in my belly:) It makes me think fondly of our first family home, and I laugh at what happened immediately after this photo....E discovered that the egg does break when bitten into.
I have made some decisions about a few traditions I would like to try after looking at these pictures, but more than any decision made, my heart is heavy with the realization that it all goes by so fast, I am so glad I'm documenting these special moments.

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